12 luni de blogging. Mai mult decat ma credeam in stare. Ne mai auzim. Cu alte ocazii.

Bah! Tz-am zis k te-nkid! Adios!


Ma plimbam az’ la amiaz cu muzici in urechi pe strazi stramte si ude …. si mancam castane fierbinti si tari intre dinti… si am realizat (brusc) un lucru tare si mare: THIS IS THE LAST GOODBYE!


I promised you a kiss upon your shoulder. You promised me hot kisses in the soft December snow. I promised you soft whispers glued to bedtime stories. You promised me eternity. Our love is lost somewhere between those promises… My love, what if we killed our love?

The New Golf :)



Tiger, watch out!!!

Maybe tomorrow…in Dakota

Blogu’ meu drag! M-am intors…Am doua variante. Ori te scriu mai des (si mai bine 😉 ) ori te-nchid. Ma mai gandesc. Intre timp, ce mi-a mai trecut prin cap (si prin alte parti) in ultima vreme.

Octobrie in Firenze a fost frumos. M-am plimbat mai mult decat in septembrie. Desenez mai bine. Am inceput cu un porc patrat iar acum pot face o trompeta rotunda. Am sarbatorit Halloweeeeenul. Mi-am luat o masca nasoala cu 25 de euro. 10 whiskyuri mai tarziu am facut-o cadou unui italian cu nasu’ mare. M-am intors acasa dupa ceva vreme. Cred ca era duminica. Era slujba la Santa Croce. Ah, in noaptea aia am dat ceasu’ inapoi. Sau inainte?

Noiembrie in Firenze a fost intr-un fel. Pana in 7 n-am facut nimic. In 7 am plecat in Romania. In Cluj am baut iar in Bucuresti am petrecut. In ordinea asta. Nu ma intrebati unde. Ma pot uita pe extrasul de cont daca va roade. Tin minte ca am fost in Silver Church unde am ascultat trupa 13. Foarte tare. Bautura moca. Even better! Mi-am revazut prietenii si prietenele. Mai mult pe ele. Pe unele. Sa stiti ca e adevarata kestia cu ‘okii care nu se vad se uita’. Eu m-am uitat in timp ce ea m-a uitat. Final neasteptat. Dar meritat :)) Sacadat!

Dar cum <everything happens 4 a reason> (yeah, and my IQ is 500) mi s-a intimplat si mie un reason. Care m-a tinut in brate toata noaptea. I call her ‘My Little 15’. Nu stiu ce a pus in sarutul ala dar ma tine treaz de atunci 😉

The first song goes out to the one I loved. The second goes out to the one I need. Confused? Good!

10 Doors Closing

How sweet, Loves first kisses
The lingering caresses of two hearts..
Unwilling to break the spell of ages…
You came to me,
Bourne on the breath of hope..
And I was safe in your love..

As we part now…
You descend in to the underworld..
A place where time obeys a different master
And only the fleet of foot stay quick

Unnatural fires burn a prickly light
And the war drums pound
As you, my Hero
Dodging devils and wraiths..
Journey down in to the belly of the earth

Deeper.. and deeper, past Siren song
Destiny draws you
To the place..
Where hissing steely serpents
Feast on the hopes of men…

The gleaming labyrinth beckons..
A palace of memories,
And jagged dreams…
..of what could have beens..
Glistening, with the salty fruit of pain
And regret..

I feel you..
In my blood..And in my bones
Your heart beats out the rhythm of my joy
An intricate and intoxicating dance..
I know you…

The end is near, my love… fear not..
For even in that darkest hour,
At the end of the world
When all is lost…
I am here….


„Ma mai iubesti ?”, ma-ntreaba ea…
„Bine-nteles, iubirea mea…”, raspund…
Si doare, si ma arde si ma tem…
Si-n palma eu te am….
Si-n gura inimii te strang, te vreau, te ard…
Iar lumea, straniu, ma doboara…
Cu ceasuri mici, adanci, lumina moarta ma implora…
Aprinde-ma! Iubeste-ma! M-adora!